Luke Wardle has been one of Sydney’s most sort after fitness trainers for 17 years.

Upon graduating from high school, Luke boldly started his own personal training business to put himself through a Bachelor of Exercise Science at Wollongong University. Playing professional Rugby League was his passion in his late teens and early twenties, representing the Cronulla Sharks and the Newtown Jetts. Luke chose to concentrate all his efforts towards a career in the fitness industry after suffering a knee injury.

Luke managed a Sydney CBD fitness facility for 7 years after graduating from University. Impressively, he grew the personal training department 10 fold during that time and himself regularly performed 50+ personal training sessions per week.

Luke started including outdoor group fitness classes for his gym members. Word quickly spread to the greater community and classes numbers grew rapidly through word of mouth. Luke enjoyed the group community atmosphere of group training so branched off to specialise in this area. His boxing classes were always the most in demand so he set out to learn everything there was to know about boxing fitness. He preceded to launch what was to be Sydney’s largest outdoor group boxing fitness class provider. Luke ran thousands of boxing fitness classes and trained just as many clients during the height of Box Class.

Luke heard about a huge women’s only boot camp that was taking the fitness industry by storm. The ‘Bikini Challenge’ was growing exponentially all over Australia and Luke was asked to launch the challenge in Sydney.  With 100+ young women joining the bootcamp every 12 weeks, Luke both learnt a lot from being part of a large young Australian company and very much enjoyed his 2 years in charge of the Sydney area.

Long term Box Class clients naturally began to evolve in to wanting a greater variety of fitness classes and workouts outside of boxing. It was in 2014 that Luke launched Legion Fitness Living. The accumulation of everything Luke had learnt in his extensive fitness education and career. A fitness service that provided a wide variety of functional, progressive and challenging fitness classes. A fitness program with a strong focus on community and exceptional personal service.

Lukes Qualifications
Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science | Wollongong University
Fitness Trainer Certificate 3 & 4
Kettlebell, TRX, Bootcamp, Punch Boxing, Thump Boxing Qualified
6 Filex Fitness Convention attendances
Current First Aid & CPR Certificate

Lukes Experience
17yrs in the Fitness Industry
10yrs Corporate Fitness Group Training for Team Building
7yrs Gym Manager | Personal Trainer
7yrs Group & Personal Boing Fitness Specialist
4yrs Professional Rugby League Player
2yrs Bikini Body Transformation Challenge Sydney Area Manager

Lukes Specialist Areas
Functional Strength & Conditioning Training for Groups
Boxing for Fitness | Expert Pad Holder & Instructor
Corporate Fitness Group Training for Team Building